Lynsey Dolan Band

The Lynsey Dolan Band is a powerful and polished 4 piece. Their music a heady cocktail of blues and country with a generous dash of ‘Glasgow Soul’. Fresh from winning the hearts of the Lowlands and being crowned as ‘Best Blues Act’ at this years awards, The Lynsey Dolan Band are one not to be missed.

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‘The Lynsey Dolan Band offer an alternative proposition on ‘I Won’t Bring You Bring Down’.  (Jocks Juke Joint Vol 4 CD) With the light vibrato of Dolan’s vocal, a lush sound with piercing guitar from Gavin Bussey, and a yearning chorus laden with harmonies, it
would do a good job as the closing theme to a movie romance.’
Blues Enthused Dec 2018

‘Lynsey Dolan’s sultry, soulful, smoky tones have been compared to Maggie Bell of Stone The Crows but on I Won’t Bring You Down Lynsey proves that her vocal talent is unique as she steps even further up to the mark. She makes Janis Jopiln sound like Sally Carr! This begs the question as to why a band that has backed luminaries such as Lulu and Imelda May does not have a higher profile. Hopefully, this will change with a new album, Connection, and through continuing to build up an appreciative and enthusiastic fan base.’
Blues Matters! Dec 2018

The Lynsey Dolan Band, ‘Do Right Man’, with her sultry blues, late night voice that melds in with the music creating a complete package, a real marshmallow moment. JJJ Vol 2,
Bluesdoodle Mar 2013

I remember the Lynsey Dolan Band, showing up on mass and Gypsy Dave whispered in my ear “put them on Robbie!!” They took to the stage and took us apart, I booked them right back for the following year and they stepped up to the Grass Roots Stage and slammed a tent full the next year, both are coming back to play with us this year (woop)
Inverness courier 1.8.18 Rob Ellen – Medicine Show Records

The classy standing of female blues is further enhanced by the exquisite Lynsey Dolan Band, Lynsey giving a great vocal not too dissimilar to what I imagined Amy Winehouse to eventually sound like when taking on the blues; this also features a lovely guitar break from Gavin Bussey. Do Right Man is definitely up there as an album highlight for me.
JJJ2 review amazon. Mr Roger N Allen

A Highlight for me are The Lynsey Dolan Band with ‘Do right man’ who turns in cracking vocal performances full of depth and feeling.
JJJ2 review amazon sustscot 8.1.13

Pick a standout track? Some chance; at the moment I’m listening to the Lynsey Dolan – Do Right Man track, and it reminds me of a young Elkie Brooks with a dash of Aretha;
Jjj2 review amazon customer. Kulgan

Scotland’s finest female vocalists include Maggie Bell, Helen Turner, Linda Jaxson, Sandi Thom, Lynsey Dolan, Laura May’s Blues Rays and Cynthia Gentle.
UK Blues Federation

I came across the Lynsey Dolan Band for the first time in Callander tonight. This band is playing in the wrong league. I think they are 2018’s Stone the Crows, and maybe better. Hope the good folk of Callander appreciate just how lucky they are to hear this standard of music in a high street pub.
David Gibson – Callander Jazz & Blues festival