The George Lindsay Band


The George Lindsay Blues Band are a regular visitor to the island led by the eponymous guitarist and
vocalist George Lindsay this three piece play ‘nuthin’ but the blues’ to quote their own calling card.
However, the GLB are no one-trick pony, incorporating some rock funk and country genres within
their blues framework. They are an accomplished band of musicians who have paid their blues dues
and gig regularly around central Scotland.​ Mixing blues standards with original numbers the George
Lindsay Blues Band deliver their set with some panache

The George Lindsay Band deliver the Blues and other stuff for your 100% enjoyment. This
3 piece band from Glasgow play in a completely uncompromising style, from an ‘in your
face’ hard nosed fashion, much like you would expect from a Glasgow band, to the
smooth and intensely melodic that can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!
As George is fond of saying, “we play some blues and lots of other sh*t!”

This crew of experienced musicians, who have many years of playing, touring and recording
between them, play the blues, and lots of other stuff, which probably all developed from the

George Lindsay, the eponymous front man of this trio, has built a repertoire developed from his
love of the blues particularly, and his experience of playing with so many accomplished blues
artists throughout his playing career. One of his favourite improptu jam sessions was with James
Taylor on a beachside bench in St Tropez, which ironically resulted in neither of them knowing
with whom they were playing at the time! George had to google a pic of James later to realise
whose guitar he had borrowed, we are not sure whether James did the same!
Dougie Henderson, the band’s drummer, is a former member of the 70’s band The Marmalade,
particularly famous for their version of Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, as well as Cousin
Norman, Reflections of my life amongst many others!